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Eat Rices Honey Everyday - 100% PURE FROM THE HIVE! RAW & UNFILTERED

Rice's Honey

"We will produce, package, and sell only pure, mild, delicious HONEY - 100% pure honey, nothing added. Rice's Honey will be pure healthy honey with all the nutrients left in-straight from the hive!"

Those were the words of L.R. Rice in 1924, the original owner of Rice's Lucky Clover Honey, located in Greeley, Colorado. Today, nearly 100 years later, L.R. Rice's grandson, Jim Rice keeps that promise close to his heart and proudly stands by the words of his grandfather. The family business has had 5 generations working the bee yards, extracting the honey from the hives that were located throughout Eastern Colorado, and packing the pure 100% honey

Today Rice's Lucky Clover Honey has the most up to date equipment. Yet we are still proud of the fact that L.R. Rice started Rice's Lucky Clover Honey in his garage and would load his wagon and sale Rice's Lucky Clover Honey door to door. Today we have greatly expanded. Rice's Lucky Clover Honey is now available throughout the Rocky Mountain Region, Western United States and Alaska.

Rice's Lucky Clover Honey, to this day is still 100% pure honey. We guarantee it! Continuing L.R. Rice's original goal of selling only the finest honey available, straight from the bee to our consumers.

Jim Rice

Our 100% Pure Guarantee

Our guarantee is simple. We are in the business of packing and selling only the finest honey available. Most importantly we want to keep our customers happy and satisfied.

If for any reason, one of our products does not meet your expectations, simply return the item. Rice's Lucky Clover Honey will either give you a refund or send you a replacement.

Our customers are most important. We want you to enjoy Rice's Honey each and everyday.

100% PURE

Your Honey Friends - Rice's Honey